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PLN Tools

Free RSS Readers
Free Blog Hosting
Free Microblog Hosting
  • Plurk (Decent user base. Threaded conversations. "Karma" system prevents a lot of the "spammed" friend/follower requests.)
  • Twitter (Insanely large user base. Sometimes has "growing pains." Lots of "spam" accounts.")
  • ShoutEM (Create and customize your own Microblog service. Good for classes or other small communities.)
Miscellaneous Tools
  • LoudTwitter - Web service that takes your posts on Twitter and turns them into daily posts on your blog of choice.
  • - Website that allows you to post to a variety of blogs and/or microblogs at the same time.
  • Technorati - Search engine built specifically for blogs. Search for your own blog's address and you'll find blogs that link to yours. Google Alerts is a similar service, but the results are not always the same.
  • TinyURL - Web service that takes long web addresses and shortens them to make them easier to type, remember, or simply get around the 140 character limit on most microblogs.
  • Twitterfeed - Web service that will take anything with an RSS feed and turn it into a posting on Twitter.