Colorado Project

Hello, 4th graders!

Feel free to use any of these images as you work on your projects in MovieMaker. They may be small, but if you click on them you'll find copies that are much larger. Right click on the larger image and save it in your Pictures folder so you can import it into MovieMaker later.

Misc. Colorado Pictures
external image 286px-Map_of_USA_CO.svg.pngexternal image 300px-National-atlas-colorado.pngexternal image 125px-Flag_of_Colorado.svg.png

Pike's Peak
Black Hawk
external image 300px-Pikes_Peak_by_David_Shankbone.jpg

external image 270px-Pikes_Peak_miners.jpg
external image 250px-Pike%27s_Peak_summit_station.jpg
external image 350px-DSCN2884_downtownblackhawk_e_600.jpgexternal image 300px-DSCN2880_blackhawkhouses_e_600.jpg
external image 300px-Lace_House.jpg
Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
Lowry Pueblo
external image 235px-DurangoSilverton1.jpgexternal image 180px-DurangoSilverton2.jpg
external image 235px-Lowry_Pueblo.jpgexternal image 300px-Lowry_Pueblo_ruins.jpg
external image 250px-Silverton_from_550.jpg
external image 235px-SilvertonHotel.jpg
external image 260px-BESTCO.jpg
external image 250px-TelluMain.jpg
Rocky Mountain National Park
Mesa Verde National Park
external image 180px-BearLake_Colorado.jpg
external image 350px-Ute_Trail.jpg
external image 300px-Mesa-Verde---Cliff-Palace-in_1891_-_edit1.jpg
external image 180px-Parkranger.jpg
external image 180px-Cliff_Palace_Tower.jpg