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Art 2.0 Tools

Image Editing
  • A detailed list of web based image editors can be found here.
  • Bomomo (Create a somewhat random picture and save it to your desktop.)
  • GIMP (As feature-rich as Adobe Photoshop, but free.)
  • Harmony (An unusual drawing tool that allows a variety of effects and saves images as .png files.)
  • (Create Pollock-esque paintings.)
  • Myths & Legends Story Creator (Use stock or original images to tell multi-page stories.)
  • PowerPoint (It works and is on most computers!)
  • Photovisi (More of a collage-maker than a full fledged image editor, but it has a few options and the results aren't bad.)
  • Phun ("2D Physics Sandbox")
  • Skitch (Mac only. Simple but has the tools I use the most.)
  • SurrealPainter (Use stock images/backgrounds to create surrealist images.)
Moving Images