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Art 2.0 Tips & Tricks

  • When introducing a new program, give the students time (if possible) to play with the controls / options. Even if it's only 5 minutes, they might discover something you didn't know.
  • If the students are to create a work using images from other sources, limit their choices by searching for them and putting the images in a central location. Thumb drives are good, a web site is better. This will cut out a lot of the time students take scouring the resources availible to them to find that one picture that is "just right."
  • If there's nothing that says you are legally allowed use an image, assume you can't.
  • Plan in advance how students can hand in their work digitally. You can run over to each computer with a flash drive, but this can be time consuming. Some programs allow work to be emailed. For others, you can create a single account that students can use to upload their project. You may also benefit from using web services like, Google Apps, or
  • Join the Art Ed 2.0 Ning. So many ideas can be found there, and if you don't find what you want you can ask and actually get several good answers!
  • Visit Crayola's site for integrated art lessons. Lots of ideas, some of which can be translated to digital media.