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Sample Lesson Ideas

Art (for art's sake?)
  • Use any image manipulation program (PowerPoint works REALLY well for this) to create the multiple pictures needed for a stop-motion animation. Export the pictures as .jpg (A.K.A. JPEG) files by selecting "Save As" and changing the file type, then import them into a movie editing program like iMovie or MovieMaker to create the final animation. (Tip: For smoother animation select all the images in the movie editor and set their durration for as short as possible. The actual durration varries by program and version.) This lesson can be made to apply to almost any curriculum by simply assigning a particular subject for the animation.
Language Arts + Art
  • Provide students with a small variety of public domain or Creative Commons licensed work. Have them import at least 3 pictures into your movie editor of choice and insert text to narrate a story with a beginning, middle, and end. For older students or if there is more time available, have the students create their pictures from scratch.
  • Use any image editing program/website (Including PowerPoint) to create billboards designed to sell a fictional product or service.
Math + Art
  • Use this site to create graph paper, then have students open that file in your image editor of choice and use it as a guide to make works in the style of Mondrian. Have students then use the measurements on the graph paper to determine the area and perimeter of the shapes created.
Science + Art
  • Use PowerPoint to create a series of slides that illustrate the water cycle (or any other cycle). Export the slides as image files (.gif preferably) and have them turn their presentations into looping animated .gifs.
Social Studies + Art
  • Use Creative Commons licensed images (with citations) or public domain images to create travel brochures, posters, or tourist guides for a chosen location.