How To Save Things <- Click here to see alternate ways to save work for assessment and display.

Skins/Texture Mapping
Voxels (Volumetric Pixels)
  • 3DTin (Take an otherwise blocky picture and smooth everything out with a click or two. Can temporarily save work without registration.)
  • Minecraft (There are a LOT of educational uses for Minecraft. See this wiki for more information.)
  • Voxels (Export as a .png with a single click. Part of a site that can suck away all of your free time.)
Non-Voxel 3D Modeling
  • Google SketchUp (For more advanced classes, but the easiest 3D editor I've ever seen.)
1-3 Point / Atmospheric Perspective Drawing
  • Practically any drawing program could be used for this step, particularly if it supports layers and some basic filters. The links below are a select few that seem to work well.
  • SUMOPaint (Would very much like you to register or even pay for the "Pro" version, but allows for more or less everything except online storage without registration.)
  • GIMP (Requires installation but is essentially an open source Photoshop. Mac users will also have to install XQuartz but that's as geeky as it gets.)
  • Aviary Education (Currently in Beta, supports more than one type of image editing and audio editing.)